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The Love Co. Rose Facial Toner- 200 ML


100% PURE NATURAL MOROCCAN perfume + MIST TOP – Perfect for toning face, neck, décolletage, eye area, dry skin, body and hair for balancing PH, acne prone skin, hand spots, dark marks, combination oily skin, and to overall balance skin as a botanical astringent and toner. made up of rose flowers, just like the red roses you’re conversant in . A natural reducer of redness and a pacesetter in liquid toners.

ONE INGREDIENT ONLY – Alcohol Free and non oily, glycerin free, and extra fragrance free (no perfume added), parabens free, vegan friendly, as a distilled rose petal concentrate for cool, instant, fresh, personal moisturizing pore prep. Great for sensitive skin for both women and men’s skincare regimens. It’s The Love Co. philosophy that skin blossoms with the proper skin food with essential vitamins coming from vegetable or flower sources when possible.

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HOW TO USE The Love Co. ROSEWATER – Cleanse skin with a natural cleanser like Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, copra oil or the other face wash and rinse with water. Mist or put a couple of drops on a plant disease and gloss over skin area. Spray or apply over hair after using shampoo or conditioner. Apply lotion, moisturizer and makeup after toning skin. Enjoy the scent of the rose petals! The natural healing from rose petal perfume is an ancient natural beauty secret.

NOTHING ADDED OR removed . Dark amber bottle extends time period as oils and Rosewater are light sensitive & must be stored in dark amber bottles to guard organics from oxidation. Organics not packaged in dark bottles for storage will lose potency & become non effective from UV damage. Store during a dry cool place out of direct sunlight. Leven Rose is committed to your one hundred pc satisfaction.

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – The Love Co. may be a best selling MADE IN India brand Amazon naturals beauty company that stands behind their products and oils with their Satisfaction Guarantee. We promise you’ll like it or we’ll refund it. Shop now – Eligible for Amazon Prime!


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