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The Love Co. Organic Luxury Deep Nourishing Body Butter- Wild Rose


Delivers the goodness of minerals in rose water to assist balance skin and improve suppleness. The skin-soothing and toning properties of rose water helps to tone your skin and brighten your complexion. The skin-repairing properties in rose volatile oil help to guard skin damage caused thanks to exposure to UV rays and environmental pollutants. It aids in reducing signs of aging.

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Shea butter, expressed almond oil helps to guard your skin and repair the natural lipid barrier. This supports in improving skin texture and appearance. it’s rich in natural fatty acids that strengthen your skin’s moisture barrier to attenuate moisture loss. Aloe Vera delivers deep hydration to assist nourish and soften skin. It helps to decorate skin, and provides it a smooth glow. Tired, aging, lined skin feels soothed and restored. Apply on your rough skin, feel it melt into your skin and leave it feeling smooth, supple and silken soft during the day.


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