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The Love Co Healthy Touch Hand Sanitizer


The Love Co Healthy Touch Hand Sanitizer can do away with 99% of germs instantly without water. Since it is small in a measure, you can use it anytime, anywhere: while in the car, office, handbag, picnics, nappy change, travel, sports, etc.

The Healthy Touch Hand Sanitizer gel occupies 70 percent alcohol share and can destroy the bacteria in your hands within 30 seconds. It is the Best Healthy Touch Hand Sanitizer as it leaves your hands refreshed time and again. Ensure yours and your family’s protection from a hundred illnesses causing germs only with Healthy Touch Sanitizer.

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  • Ideal hygiene  check for group gatherings
  • Catalyzes the killing bacteria  in your hands
  • Protective coating against all types of diseases
  • Ensure hygienic care for yourself and your loved ones
  • The Healthy Touch Sanitizer is helpful all for skin variations.
  •  Aids with skin improvement also.


  • Erase up to 99% of germs
  • A better alternative than a hand wash
  • Can be used frequently and no harm is caused otherwise.
  • Not expensive & easy to carry anywhere
  • Cause no  harshness to the skin in comparison to soap and water

Directions to use

  • Spurting the hand sanitizer in your hands is the initial step.
  • Rubbing it on your hands, palms and nails included in the second.
  • It will evaporate in no time and here you are done.


  • Fire and gas stove can result in tragedies combined with a sanitizer. So one should avoid using sanitizer and working in the kitchen then.
  • High temperamental places are not suitable for alcohol-based sanitizers so story them in a place otherwise.
  • Kids should not be allowed to use it without an adult supervising.

Buy Healthy Touch Hand Sanitizer Now only at The Love Co. Keep your environment happy and healthy in the middle of COVID-19 and ensure protection from the dirt in the air and surfaces around you. Order online.


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