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The Love Co Healthy Touch Hand Sanitizer 200ml


The Love Co Healthy Touch Hand Sanitizer 200ml is an alcohol gel with a mild, pleasant non-residual ingredient. It is a  fast, effective and safe cleaning method.  Use a few drops of this alcohol-based hand sanitizer 200ml and it leaves your hands feeling refreshed. It does not dry them as much as soaps. It is small in quantity and contains 70% alcohol.

This hand sanitizer gel even reduces skin irritation. Buy the Love Co Healthy Touch Hand Sanitizer 200ml, it’s available online. It’s the best hand sanitizer under 200ml  as it caters to the needs of all, children, adults and the elderly. The reason you should choose this is that it’s effective and cost-friendly at the same time.

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  • A defensive layer against germs and bacteria of all kinds.
  • The alcohol content is around 70 percent
  • Combustible substance
  • Safety and hygienic check
  • Sanitize your hands using this Hand Sanitizer Gel as it is suitable for all skin types
  •  Promoted rejuvenation of skin
  • Use while traveling, dining, and in family or business outings.


  • Sanitizing is a less time-consuming process than washing hands
  • The Love Co Healthy Touch Hand Sanitizer can destroy up to 99% germs immediately
  • Your convenient one-stop clean check
  • Economical to use and carry
  • Causes no or less irritation than soap and water

Directions to use

  • Take some  portion of hand sanitizer gel in your hands
  • Rub it on both the sides of your hands nicely
  • The combustible nature will make it dry in no time.


  • Sanitizers are highly ignitable and can catch fire easily.
  • Therefore, one must not be next to the fire or stove while using or storing them.
  • High-temperature places are not adequate for sanitizers.
  • So storing them away from high-temperature places is a must.
  • Kids can use it under adult guidance.


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