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Fascinating Black Currant Bath & Shower Gel- 300ML


About this item

  • The Love Co. newly introduced fascinating black currant bath &shower gel is a rejuvenating shower gel for everyday use.
  • Enriched with extracts of blackcurrant, this shower gel has potential conditioners that help skin soften.
  • The love co. Exotic blackcurrant acts as an anti- inflammatory agent.
  • Black currant body wash keeps the skin hydrated, firm and younger looking skin.
  • Black currant shower gel bathe benefits in removal of sweat and odor leaving skin fresh and breathing.
  • The shower gel is free from sulphates, any other added chemicals.
  • The product is 100% made from natural ingredients.
  • It is suited to all the types of the skin and every person can use the love co. Black currant shower gel.
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The love co. fascinating black currant shower gel is one of the most affordable skin care products available in the market. The love co. black currant shower gel is exotic dream shower gel.

Exotic dream means a combination of natural extracts of bearberry and black currant.

The love co. Shower gel has the potential to provide deep nourishment to the skin with deep moisturization. keeping your skin all day fresh with no perspiration and odor issues.

The most significant is vitamin c. In fact, black current carries 4 times more the amount of the vitamin c.

The love co. Black currant shower gel can also be used in the therapeutic treatment.

The love co. black currant shower gel has the antioxidants to nourish dry and damage skin.

Black currant extract has the anti-inflammatory properties to help in treating, healing and curing eczema.

Black currant extract is usually good for all the skin can be used by all the types of people as it is 100% free from chemicals, completely enriched with the ingredients of natural herbs.

How to use the love co. fascinating black currant shower gel;

  • Pour a coin size amount on the loofah.
  • Scrunch and lather
  • Apply gently on your body.
  • Enjoy the opulent feel of shower gel and then rinse.


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